Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spencer's Friends come thru for him

Aunts Dina and Ann and the Red Horde read about poor Spencer's plight as the odd man out in this house and sent him a care package.

It was filled with all kinds of manly delights - a cheeseburger, a pizza, fried chicken (actually chicken shaped treats) and bully sticks.

Spence sends his love and thanks back to Virginia.

(Thanks also from the hooman - that was so sweet. I had been slipping him treats when the girls were getting their extra meals, and I had just hit the bottom of the treat jar this morning!)


Builder Mama said...

Aw, Spencer got a little extra love today. He looks extremely content.

Lani said...

Yeah for Spencer! He looks like one happy, happy, dog. Such good RedDog aunties.

Red Dog Mom said...

Spencer is very welcome, it was our pleasure.

penni said...

I was feeling so guilty -- thinking I needed to ship another package to Tennessee. Thanks to the horde for making Spencer's life better.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Spencer you sure are loved!

Taryn said...

Well, now Wilson feels very guilty for doing nothing to cheer up his brother! It's definitely not his fault, we've all been side tracked with a big house project.

A very Merry Christmas to you, Janet, and to Spencer, Scout, and the Puppies Eight, as well.