Friday, December 17, 2010

It's never easy being Spencer

But it's especially hard when there are two lactating bitches and eight squirmy little critters living in the house.  He is just not used to being at the bottom of such a tall totem pole. 

He really does not understand why the girls are eating like Queens every time they turn around and he only gets a couple of measly bowls of kibble a day.

And he does not want anything to do with those little squirmy things.  He took a peek in at the sleeping puppies, and when he saw his first puppy jerk, he jumped back, tucked his tail and headed out of the room.

And speaking of Queens, HRH Scout is acting like one.  She gives Spencer the what-for anytime he gets a little too close to her food bowl, or for that matter, anything else she deems is hers.  She is only nursing the pups a couple of times a day per doctor's orders, and while she seems to like being with them, and cleans and nuzzles them, she is easily distracted (i.e., when Spencer barks at neighbor dog).  She just does not have that obsessive compulsion to be with her puppies that Magic has.  So - here's another way she is like royalty - she can spend some time with her kids, but she has her own wet nurse to handle the heavy lifting.


penni said...

Poor Spence. His world is topsy-turvy. It looks like you'll have to keep Magic on retainer in case you decide to have a second litter someday.

Builder Mama said...

Poor boo...he should just hide for a few more days, then things should settle down. I know Rufus would be irate over the food situation...why do they get the good stuff and I get kibble? Aroooo!

Carol said...

Poor Spencer! LOL. Got another song title "You Can Do Magic" ( was recorded by America}

Lani said...

Poor Spencer. Bossy girls. Puppies. Sigh. What's a dog to do?