Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting Ready

Friday morning, Scout pestered me to let her go out the bedroom door onto the deck and to the backyard.  A few minutes later, I began hearing a "Timmy has fallen down the well" type bark from her.  Spencer came running in from the living room and let himself out the back door as well. (Thank goodness he doesn't have thumbs - nothing would be safe.)

I got dressed and went out to investigate.  I looked out over the backyard and didn't see her anywhere.  My backyard is pretty steep, so I went down one deck level - still didn't see her, but I heard something scratching around under me.  When I started down the steps to the backyard, Scout's head popped out between the steps.  With the help of gravity, she had managed to shimmy between the steps to the ground below under the deck.  (This is something she has always done - she likes to go under there.  She had her own woman cave thing ** going on down there I guess.)

She gave me the saddest look ever - there was no way she could hoist herself back up and through the steps.  I had to pull the lattice work away from the deck so that she could get out.

Now I don't know if she was just going down there for fun or if she had plans to den down there or what.  I decided I had better get the whelping box put together and out for her to investigate.  I've got to convince her this is a much better place to have her puppies.

Kate Robertson made the box for me. In the upper right corner of the picture, you see another part of it. When the puppies are bigger, I will add on the other section, which is about 4 feet long, for puppy play area. The part of the box you see here will become the litter box after the pig rails come out. 

In other preparations, I have been working on my website and incorporating my blog into it.  I am doing this on the cheap and easy - using blogger for all the pages.  You may have noticed the tabs above to the other pages (all still under construction).  I have decided to use Mockingbird Cardigans as my kennel name - since Scout will be the foundation of what breeding I do (assuming I survive this one and ever think of doing it again), I chose a name tied back to her name.  If you are not familiar, Scout's registered name is GCH Cardiridge Jean Louise Finch - Jean Louise Finch is the young girl who is the narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird, but everyone knew her as "Scout."

You can still reach this blog the same way as ever, or you can go directly to the home page at  I am also working on having a webcam up for your puppy watching enjoyment, but mostly for me to able to check up on things when I am not here.  I hope she makes it two more weeks and then I will be off work until the new year. 

** Speaking of woman caves, I have not forgotten to post pictures of my finished cave - just haven't gotten around to taking pictures.  I love it and the family gave it good reviews at Thanksgiving.  My only complaint is that everytime I decide to go down and enjoy a movie on the big screen, I usually fall right asleep. 


penni said...

In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine . . .

Leidy almost made it to China before I brought her in and told her the whelping box was the place.

BTW, I love the photo of Scout and Chase -- you just knew there would be an explosion!

Dawn said...

New website looks lovely. She really is looking big. We will start the easy whelp chant for her.