Monday, December 6, 2010

Your Monday Chuckle

If you need a laugh, check out the It's Me Buddy blog for classic cardi behavior when Cardi Claus comes to visit.


Mistywowo said...

That was my package !! I am so glad that Buddy liked everything :)
He just didn't want to wait..they do have great sniffers you know !!

Red Dog Mom said...

Two years ago Sam greeted me at the front door w/one of his presents partially unwrapped. I had dashed outside to get the mail and he decided that was the perfect time to raid the tree. Interesting that he chose to do it ON Christmas day (we were waiting for UHM to come home). All the presents had been under the tree for over a week - unmolested.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for understanding! What can I say, he's a corgi! He wanted me to be sure and tell all that no gifts were damaged. We absolutely love everything. This was so much fun! Buddy and I are looking forward to other package updates.