Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on the Ocho

Oh my - they are a wild bunch. Scout and Magic both have a little apprehension in their eyes when they go in the whelping box, the little guys catch a whiff of them, and go racing to them. They have both taken to nursing while sitting - they don't even have a chance to lie down before they are attacked from all sides.

Tomorrow the Ocho turns 10 days old, so we will start looking for eye slits to start opening.  Scout goes back to the vet to get her stitches out and to check out her blood chemistry.  She seems like she feels great - hope the numbers tell us the same thing.
I also found time yesterday to make a couple of little girl aprons and get them to the UPS Store early this morning.  I worked from home most of the day today - including the longest three hours of my life listening to a webcast on ethics.  Thank you Enron, Lehman, Worldcom, et al and  Misters Sarbanes and Oxley for making me spend 4 hours of my life every 2 years "learning" ethics.  Arrrrgghh.

Also tomorrow I start whipping the house into shape for the small Christmas onslaught - just a few grown ups this time. I have a goal of getting the pink tree up for at least a little bit of festive decor.


penni said...

The Ocho are just two cute. I'm so happy that they are active -- did we mention we expect them to swing from chandeliers given their parentage?

The dos aprons are very cute as well. You will probably have trouble keeping your guests' attention with the little cuties in the house.

We have to get our Ethics and Professionalism credits every year. That's how I spent December 3rd -- all day long!

Lani said...

Love the name The Ocho.

I empathize w/ all of the ethics/compliance training. I just completed yet another web compliance training course. This time on HR record keeping. The last one was the foreign corrupt practices act. The one before that, oh I don't remember. Life is good.

Jules said...

Hard to believe the pups are already 10 days old. Wow! I am happy to hear Scout is recovering so nicely. Yay!

Builder Mama said...

The aprons are adorable! They will be very loved.

The Ocho is a great name. I had to laugh at the fact they won't even let Scout lie down...MUST EAT NOW!

Taryn said...

Does Magic still help with the nursing? Scout doesn't mind or act protective?

Janet said...

Magic has been doing less and less every day. I like her to take the night shift so I can sleep and not worry. Scout is always very annoyed in the morning after I put Magic up and let Scout in. She barks and barks at me, but then forgives me and jumps in with her babies.